5 Ways to Take Ownership of Mother’s Day and Enjoy it on Your Terms

If Mother's Day doesn't always go how you planned, it's time to take back ownerships of your day. Here's how.

If you’ve been a mom on Mother’s Day before, you probably know that the day doesn’t always go as you planned or as you may have wanted. This year, we’re encouraging you to take ownership of YOUR day. Whether you carried for 9 months, went through IVF, waited on an adoption list or however you brought your child into this world, you are more than deserving to have a full 24 hours of fulfilling your desires and needs. 

Here’s how to enjoy Mother’s Day on your terms without setting unrealistic expectations:

1. Communicate Your Wishes

Be upfront about how you want to spend Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a day of relaxation, quality time with family, or indulging in your favorite activities, communicate your preferences to your loved ones. Setting clear expectations can prevent disappointment and ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Plan Your Ideal Day

Take control of the day by planning activities that bring you joy. Whether it’s a leisurely breakfast in bed, a spa day, or a solo outing to your favorite spot, carve out time for activities that replenish your spirit and recharge your energy.

3. Practice Self-Care

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to prioritize self-care. Dedicate time to activities that nurture your well-being, whether it’s practicing mindfulness, indulging in a hobby, or taking a long bath. Remember that self-care isn’t selfish—it’s essential for your overall health and happiness.

4. Lower Your Expectations

Instead of setting unrealistic expectations for the day, embrace imperfection and focus on the moments of joy and gratitude. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be flawless to be meaningful. Embrace the spontaneity and unpredictability of the day, and cherish the love and appreciation expressed by your loved ones.

5. Celebrate Your Wins

Take time to reflect on your achievements and the impact you’ve had as a mom. Celebrate the moments of triumph, no matter how small, and acknowledge the love and dedication you pour into your role every day. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honor yourself and the incredible mother that you are.

By taking ownership of Mother’s Day and embracing it on your terms, you can ensure a meaningful and fulfilling celebration that leaves you feeling appreciated, loved, and empowered as a mom. Remember that Mother’s Day is about honoring and celebrating you, so make it a day that reflects your values, desires, and priorities and don’t settle for anything less!


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