13 Holiday Gifts The Parent In Your Life Actually Wants

Whether you’re shopping for your parent-BFF, partner, or even yourself, we’ve rounded up a few good gift ideas the parents in your life actually want.

By the grace of whatever higher power there is out there, this smack-in-the-face of a year is almost over. Of course that means holiday season is upon us, and with it a new set of to-dos for our already truly impossible daily punch list. Classic 2020. Whether you’re shopping for your parent-BFF, partner, or even yourself, we’ve rounded up a few good gift ideas to make present-giving a little bit easier. Here are the gifts busy parents actually want this year.

Solly Baby Wrap

The ideal gift for parents with newborns who are trying to look cute and get sh*t done. Solly Baby’s lightweight, soft, breathable wraps allow you to carry your little one for hours on end. We’re sticking to the Tiger King trend of 2020 and ordering the leopard print wrap plus a SOLLY DOLLY for our toddler who always wants to be just like momma.

Rockets of Awesome subscription

Pro-tip from Rockets of Awesome founder Rachel Blumenthal: the best way to let your kid dress themselves without looking ridiculous is to make sure you love everything in their drawers. For us, that means a wardrobe from Rockets of Awesome. They make shopping for your kiddo so much easier—simply take their quiz, preview and approve suggested items, and get your picks for each season.

Lovevery Play Kit

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that we’re not all cut out to be teachers (teachers, we LYSM). Whether or not your little one is missing out on learning IRL, Lovevery’s is the toy subscription you need for babes of every age. Lovevery’s Play Kits are designed by child development experts and come with an array of toys built for exactly what your mini needs at a given stage.

Soma Sunday Pants

If there’s anything from 2020 that we’re bringing with us into the New Year, it’s that jeans are no longer a thing and lounge clothes rule all. Upgrade your milk-stained sweats to Soma’s Sunday Pants, a favorite among the Little Spoon team. BRB…buying them in every color.

Evereden Luxe Baby and Mom Gift Bundle

We’re pros on what you put into your body, but did you know what you put on it is just as important? And since we see a lot of snuggling in the months ahead, clean skincare for mom and baby is right up our alley. Our friends at Evereden make clean skincare for the whole family, so their Luxe Baby and Mom Gift Bundle is a no-brainer when it comes to gifts for our loved ones.

obé Subscription

If you haven’t jumped on the at-home fitness train, we highly suggest you dip your toe in with obé. The online streaming platform really has something for everyone with 22 live classes weekly and over 5,400 live on-demand classes including sculpt, strength, dance, HIIT, yoga, pilates and more. We love getting the whole family involved with kids dance and kids yoga!

Béis Diaper Bag

Having a baby means never leaving the house without diapers, wipes, snacks, a change of clothes, an extra bib and more. So if you have to carry around an entire closet worth of items, your bag might as well be cute. Gift the fashionable parent in your life a The Diaper Bag from Béis. If it’s good enough for Shay Mitchell, it’s good enough for us.

Riley Versa Extrovert Pouch

And speaking of having SO. MUCH. STUFF to carry around (when you do leave the house), let’s make sure that new bag of yours isn’t a black hole. Riley Versa’s Extrovert Pouch is a must-have, and since it’s 2020, we’re obviously going with the tie-dye one. Throw it in your bag, use it as a clutch, or get a cute strap and wear it crossbody.

Supergoop “One For Me, One For Them” Set.

If there’s one thing you take from us, let it be that you should absolutely wear SPF all year round. Yup, we said it. Gift everyone on your list a little TLC with The “One For Me, One For Them” Set from Supergoop. You get their best-selling Unseen Sunscreen invisible primer for the big kids (aka you) and their Sunnyscreen 100% mineral SPF for babe. Added bonus? Supergoop protects your skin from blue light, too.

Glossier Boy Brow

The easiest way to make yourself look like you actually had time to shower this week? A swipe of Glossier’s cult-favorite Boy Brow. Perfect for those Zoom meetings where everyone decides to turn their camera on or if you got a little wild trying to DIY your brows.

Goldbelly Delivery

Have a friend that said goodbye to city life during the pandemic and headed to the ‘burbs? While they’re probably bragging about short grocery store lines and outdoor space, they’re definitely missing their favorite city eats. Send them a taste of pre-COVID life in the form of some cheesy New York Pizza or Philly Cheese Steaks from Goldbelly. 

Baby Foot Peel

Remember escaping the fam for an hour of solace in a pedicure chair? Nope, neither do we. Treat everyone on your list (yup, even your mailman) to a little DIY with Baby Foot’s infamous exfoliation foot peel. You know what they say, there’s nothing as soft as a baby’s…foot. 

Little Spoon

We’re giving all the parents in our lives the gift of more time this holiday season with Little Spoon Babyblends and Plates. Say goodbye to cooking for your little one in 2020 and hello to clean, healthy meals. Little Spoon has your babies covered with 100% organic Babyblends and eats for your toddlers & big kid’s with clean, veggie-packed Plates. You can thank us later.


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