6 Snacks to Send With Your Kid to Camp

Hey parents, not sure what snacks to pack your kid for summer camp? Here are 6 fun ideas!

Summer is officially in full swing and that means our used-to-be schedules full of school drop offs and homework sessions are now replaced with an array of kids camp schedules, new routines and new snack + lunchtime requirements. Whether you opt for a good old-fashioned outdoor camp or a museum-run art camp, it’s in everyone’s best interest that they arrive armed with snacks and ready to conquer the day (or week). Here are our best recs for snacks to send your kiddos to camp with: 

Apple slices and nut butter

It goes without saying that you should check with the camp to learn about their nut policy (those nut allergies are no joke). However, if you’re in the clear to send your kid in with nut butter, this snack is an obvious choice. The apple is fiber-full and sweet enough for your kiddo to munch on while the nut butter provides a kick of protein.

String cheese

An oldie but a goodie. Full of good fats and protein, string cheese far outweighs any sugar-laced pre-packaged snack food in nutritional value. Plus, it’s low-lift, fun to eat and your kid will actually like it. The big question: will they bite into it, or string it? 

Little Spoon Smoothies

Whether you opt for the Sun Butter + Jelly or the Purple Carrot Acai Bowl, Little Spoon’s fresh, organic Smoothies are the ideal summer snack. Your kid gets a snack with flavors they love, filled with the veggies + superfoods you want. Simply place the Smoothie in an insulated lunch box with an ice pack so that the Smoothie stays nice and cool for your LO. 


Not only is popcorn delicious and picky-eater approved, it has the fiber + antioxidants that your little needs. Plus, the prepackaged bags are so easy to pack in a lunch box. We love Skinny Pop or Lesser Evil for healthier popcorn options. Heads up, if you have an early eater on your hands, skip the popcorn in favor of puffs to avoid any choking hazards. 

Hard-boiled egg

Hard-boiled eggs are basically a snacking cheat code. Throw a few eggs in boiling water on Sunday night, store them all in an air-tight container in the fridge and you’re good to go for the week. With a little salt + pepper or everything bagel seasoning, your kiddo will love this nutritious, protein-filled snack.

Granola bar

Let’s face it, granola bars are the OG camp snack. Whether you’re a DIY granola person or have a brand that you live or die by, sending your kid in with their fave bar is an easy win. Look for bars that are low in or have no added sugar and higher in protein. 


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