6 Free Workouts You Can Access At Home

Communities have come together to provide access to the best of the best in the fitness world.

There is an unprecedented (literally) amount of stress and anxiety in our world at the moment. Especially for us mamas. Taking time for movement as often as you can will give you a much needed endorphin boost and allow you to take time to focus on yourself.

Feel like that’s impossible without entering your gym or favorite workout studio? You’re in luck! Communities have come together to provide access to the best of the best in the fitness world, no matter where you are. So, whether it’s a 10 minute yoga flow, a 20 minute bodyweight workout, or an hour long dance class, you CAN workout from home—for free.

Here at Is This Normal, we know the struggle is real. So we’re here to help connect you to some of our favorite ways to move your body right now:

Barry’s Bootcamp

Ah Barry’s Bootcamp, that intense workout we have always been too scared (or too broke) to try. Well, Barry’s just got a whole lot less intimidating—and expensive. Their high tempo instructors have taken to IG for no-equipment-needed 20-25 minute full body workouts. Check out their IGTV to access these bootcamp style workouts.

Rumble Boxing

Feeling like you need to kick the sh*t out of something right now?! We don’t blame you—air punch and kick out that pent up energy with this high-intensity boxing HIIT workout. Just like Barry’s, Rumble is offering daily IGTV access to instructor-led classes.

305 Fitness

Everyone needs a little extra pep in their step right now. Good thing it’s close to impossible to get through a 305 Fitness class without a lot of laughs and a few booty pops for good measure. But don’t be fooled—this dance class will leave you with that post-cardio high we’re all currently dying for. 305 is live streaming new dance workout classes through their Youtube channel everyday at 12 and 6 PM EST along with all of their previously posted workouts.


By this point we’re sure you’ve heard of Peloton, the business that has transformed the way we work out at home. Don’t have one of their infamous bikes or treads? Don’t fret, Peloton has an amazing app where you can find just about any workout including abs, arms, and guided runs and stretches. The company has extended their free trial to 90 days during this time…so download the app ASAP.

CorePower Yoga

Taking time to reconnect with your body is more important now than ever. You’d be shocked by how transformed you’ll feel after a slow-movement yoga flow. CorePower, the warm and welcoming new-age yoga studio, is providing free (!) access to online classes from their On-Demand channel. These classes range from guided meditations and beginners yoga to advanced yoga and core sculpting classes.

Melissa Wood Health

This mama of two and health coach is an Instagram sensation. If her soothing voice and insane bod aren’t enough to motivate you to workout with her, her attention to detail and shockingly difficult Pilates flows most definitely will. Her app and website, https://melissawoodhealth.com/, has a 7-day free trial that includes a large variety of Pilates-style workouts as well as guided meditations

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