10 Tips For Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

If you’re looking for a first birthday party that’s somewhere between your average Tuesday and an extravagant bash, check out our tips.

There’s something about your baby’s first birthday that makes you feel pressured to plan the perfect party. Of course, it’s a major milestone for both you and baby (hey, we all survived!), but that doesn’t mean it has to be the party of the century. If you’re looking for a celebration that’s somewhere between your average Tuesday and a bash straight out of My Super Sweet Sixteen, check out our tips for planning a party you can actually enjoy.

  1. Plan the party around nap time! A room full of people + fire + loud singing + sleepy baby = Disaster.
  2. Plan a budget and stick to it! At this age the kids are not going to remember the party, so focus on the basics: food, drinks, cake, and a few cute decorations!
  3. Speaking of cake…definitely go with a SMASH CAKE and let your kiddo get their hands dirty. Also, unless you want to be the uncool mom, get a cake for everyone else, too. I am looking at you, Cindy.
  4. Opt for self-serve food. This is the best way to ensure that your guests enjoy the party and don’t have to rely on you. 
  5. Designate a friend or family member at the party to take photos and videos. Trust us, you will be busy hosting and will want to capture these special moments. 
  6. Pick a simple location. There’s no reason to spend a ton of money on a venue for your kids’ 1st birthday. A small park (so parents don’t spend the afternoon running after their littles) or a spacious home are both great affordable options.
  7. Go with paperless invitations. Save some money and the environment. Plus, an invite platform like Paperless Post will make it easy to keep track of your guestlist. You can even personalize the invitation with a cute photo of the birthday babe!
  8. Make party favors easy. These trinkets are likely ending up at the bottom of a drawer somewhere so stick to just about anything you can grab from the dollar store.
  9. Have fun activities for the 1-year-olds. Think sensory toys, water play if it’s summer, or if you’re looking to go the extra mile, let the little ones paint with kid-friendly supplies—make sure the parents bring an extra pair of clothes and a towel for the messy activity. 
  10. Remember to have fun! Don’t stress yourself out over something your kiddo won’t even remember. Plus, you’ve made it a whole year as a parent and you deserve to celebrate! As long as you had a good day and your babe had a laugh or two, then we count it as a major success.

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