7 Fall Activities To Enjoy While You’re Still In Quarantine

While this year may look a little different, we still want to get in on the Autumn fun. We rounded up fun fall activities for your kids.

Gear up ladies and gentleman, sweater weather is upon us! But seriously, who knew that we’d STILL be doing this quarantine and social-distancing thing a whole 6+ months later?! Although it definitely feels like our new normal at this point, some of our favorite spooky season activities may look a little bit different this year. The good news? We rounded up a bunch of 2020-friendly fall activities that you can do with your little ones!  

Make a leaf pile

OK, this may sound a bit cliche but if we’re being honest, our all-time favorite fall memories from childhood involve spending hours upon hours in the backyard gathering leaves, jumping into leaf piles, and running through leaf mazes. Sure, your mini might bring a trail of tiny leaf crumbs along with them when they come inside, but trust us, their little smiles will be so worth it! 

Dig into Caramel Apples

Not only are these absolutely delicious, they’re a fun rainy day activity to do with your littles. Grab some pre-melted caramel, sour green apples, and extra long toothpicks and get to work! You know we’re all about making life easier but if you’re looking to kill even more time, try making your own caramel.

Camp in your backyard

Maybe you’re an outdoor extraordinaire and know all the best family-friendly, socially-distant campsites near you. OR, maybe you’re like the rest of us and barely know how to pitch a tent. Either way, late September/early October is the perfect time to plan a Saturday night camping trip…in your backyard. Grab a tent if you have one, or just some blankets and lawn chairs, and enjoy a starry night outside with the fam. Best part? Once you’re over it, you can step inside and sleep in your own bed. 

Tell ghost stories around a fire

If you want to take number three one step further, make a fire or pull out your flashlights for effect and spend some time telling your favorite ghost stories. Don’t be afraid to get theatrical with this one, your littles will love it. 

Read a spooky book

Not so familiar with ghost stories? Grab a spooky children’s book like Ghosts in the House! or Quit Calling Me A Monster! and read it to your babes. There’s nothing quite like a good spooky story. 

Paint Pumpkins

Obviously, carving pumpkins is a major Halloween activity. However, we tend to lean towards painting because it’s a lot safer and easier for kids! Grab some mini pumpkins and washable paint, lay down a bunch of old newspaper, and get crafty! 

Make homemade apple cider 

We know this may sound a bit daunting, but making apple cider is actually a lot easier than you might expect. Plus, we promise you won’t regret it once you get to sip on some hot, homemade apple cider in your sweats on a chilly autumn evening! 

Scented play dough 

If you’re looking to get creative kudos from your babes, this is the activity for you. Grab your orange or brown food coloring, some play dough, and your favorite fall spices and get to work on this easy fall scented play dough recipe. It’ll be a hit at home, we promise! 


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