5 Myths About Chocolate Debunked

Turns out, our kids can enjoy the world of chocolate with us. Here are 5 fun facts about chocolate and how you can intro to your kiddo.

It’s hard to go a day without thinking about chocolate because it’s everywhere, all the time. Also, it’s chocolate. Chocolate is delicious. It’s the perfect gift when you don’t know what to buy, it’s the perfect cure to menstrual cramps, it gets you through hard break ups and losses, it’s GREAT to munch on while watching a movie, and the list goes on. 

But what about for our kids? How do we eat it and tell our kids they can’t? Well, turns out chocolate for kids really isn’t *that* bad and in fact, has many health benefits along the way. Here are the top 5 myths about kids eating chocolate, debunked. 

1. Chocolate contains a lot of caffeine. 

While there are larger quantities of caffeine in solid chocolate, the USDA states that there is 230mg of caffeine in 100g of cocoa powder. So while you might limit the intake of chocolate to avoid your kiddo bouncing off the walls…you can still give them the taste of chocolate by blending cocoa powder into their foods. A few go-tos? Little Spoon’s Cookies + Cream Smoothie (0.935mg of caffeine), Banana Split Smoothie (2.599 mg caffeine) and their latest Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie (3.17mg).

2. Eating chocolate will give you cavities. 

This here is a myth. When consumed in moderation, chocolate is no different than any other sweet or food that contains added sugar. Cocoa powder doesn’t contain any added sugar which is why Little Spoon incorporates it in small doses in some of their organic Smoothies.

3. Cocoa powder and chocolate are the same thing, in different forms. 

We can see why you think this, but they are actually different! Cocoa powder can be mixed into different drinks, yogurts, smoothies, and more to give it a boost of flavor, while chocolate comes as it is. Cocoa powder is lower in calories, high in antioxidants and rich in theobromine which helps to reduce inflammation and can protect you from various diseases. You can have your little get a taste of the sweet, but healthy side, with Little Spoon’s Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie.

4. Cocoa powder is high in sugar and fat, just like chocolate. 

Nope! It’s actually the opposite. In order to make cocoa powder, it needs to be pressed through a fine filter that allows the butter to flow through, leaving you a dusty powder. The butter is what contains the high fat content! Chocolate is sweeter and has a ton of added sugars, but cocoa powder is bitter and has zero, zilch, and absolutely no added sugar. This makes it safe, nutritious and delicious for kiddos to eat while still participating in the chocolate game. 

5. Dark chocolate has more nutrients than cocoa powder. 

We’ve heard that dark chocolate is good for your heart, but did you know that cocoa powder is also? Heck yeah! Cocoa powder also contains iron, zinc and selenium which are strong minerals to help give your kiddo’s immune system a boost. Just like dark chocolate, cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants, and who doesn’t want to keep their bodies healthy?


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