6 Embarrassing Milestones for New Parents

It's one thing to be proud of your kids, it's another to be proud even in embarrassing moments as new parents. Check out these "milestones."

Once you become a parent there’s *a lot* of talk about milestones. It seems like every minute of the first year is marked by another achievement. First laugh, first word, first time sleeping through the night (our personal favorite). But there are also so many firsts we don’t talk about…At Is This Normal we’re all about getting real when it comes to parenting, so we tapped our community to share the most embarrassing and hysterical “milestones” they experienced as new parents. 

You’ve been warned ;)….

“Private part” stuff.

Kids are too smart sometimes. From asking strangers if they have a “peepee” to announcing that mommy just pooped in the potty to the entire restaurant, our little one’s filters (or lack thereof) definitely keep us on our toes. 

First major diaper blow out in public.

We’re talking up the back, through the onesie and probably onto whatever you’re wearing. Oh, and you forgot a spare onesie, too.

First epic public tantrum.

Whether it’s in Target, in the produce aisle or on the playground, this one is impossible to avoid. “Walk of shame” has a whole new meaning when you have an inconsolable toddler clutching at your ankles. 

Breastfeeding mishaps.

For breastfeeding parents, there’s a whole other category of public moments you’re trying to avoid. The first time your boobs leak through your shirt in public, the first time pumping in a public restroom, the first time trying to find a private spot at work, the first wardrobe malfunction…the list goes on. 

First time warming up to a stranger.

We live for a baby’s first word but there are some other speech-related milestones that are often overlooked. Grab the tissues for the first time your kiddo calls a stranger “mama” or “dada.” At least they’re using their words, right?

First missing diaper bag.

You probably meticulously stocked your pantry and diaper bag before baby’s arrival. No matter how much you prepare, there will be a time you leave the house without your diaper bag. And it will probably be the same day as your little one’s first major diaper blow out. 


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