How TF do I…transition my baby from a crib to a bed?

The transition from a crib to a toddler bed can be stressful and difficult. We rounded up a few hacks for a smooth transition.

Also known as: toddler on the move, big kid beds, and the sleeping transition period 

Our advice: 

  • If you have a convertible crib, start by taking one wall off the crib to give it more of a “bed” look and feel. 
  • Don’t rush. Wait until your toddler is asking for a big kid bed—once you transition it’s hard to go back. 
  • Make it fun – incorporate your little’s favorite toys, stuffed animals and colors to make it feel like their own. 
  • Safety-proof the room. Your toddler will be on the move so make sure you keep the bed away from other furniture and large toys that could hurt your kiddo if they fall or wander. 
  • Stick to the routine and be patient.. Have a consistent response when your child gets out of their bed (believe us, they will). 

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