How To Normalize Weed and Family Life

So, what does it mean to be a cannamom? Using cannabis safely with boundaries and still being a kick-ass parent.

Listen, friends – it’s almost 2023. And it’s high time that we start to embrace the fact that you can use cannabis and still be an absolutely kick-ass parent (and partner, and friend, and employee, and CEO…). As more and more states legalize weed for recreational use and the calls to decriminalize get louder, parents within the cannabis community are starting to talk. How their weed use makes them better parents, helps them manage the rigors of childrearing, and helps them regulate their emotions and stress, and live happier, more relaxed lives. We’re saying no thanks to the whole Wine Mom cliché and leaning into being Cannaparents. 

Guess what? The taboo that you can’t safely and responsibly use weed once you become a parent is as tired as, well, the memes of moms putting wine in Yetis at play dates. Your family and weed use can coexist peacefully, healthily and successfully. So, let’s talk about how and why some parents smoke weed.

Parenting with Pot

You may have missed it, but parenting is stressful AF. If you found something that could help you stay calm, focused, relaxed and checked-in to your role as mom or dad, why wouldn’t you use it? For so many cannaparents, that’s what weed allows them to do. It helps them release some of the stress and let go of whatever is weighing them down to be a more present and engaged parent. Let’s be honest about something else, it also helps them ENJOY their life as a parent a bit more. Not in a high-as-a-kite kind of way, but in a not-stressing-about-every-little-thing so they can actually be a more mindful parent kind of way. 

However, we’re not talking about parents who embody every pothead cliché we see in the movies. We’re talking about parents who use cannabis in whatever form works for them in a balanced and responsible way, whether that’s micro-dosing or partaking after bedtime. We’re talking ‘take the edge off’, not anything extreme. Just as with alcohol, it is 100% possible to use cannabis effectively and responsibly without impairing or compromising your ability to be a parent. But whatever form and however much you decide on to use, the same rules apply that exist for other substances. This  includes not driving under the influence, not using while pregnant or nursing and not overusing or consuming too much at one time. Until you are comfortable with your tolerance and have gotten used to how you feel on your particular dose, save it for when you’re not solo parenting. 

Safety First

So, how do cannaparents reap all the reefer benefits while still being present, engaging and responsible? They understand their tolerance, set boundaries and they don’t cross them. They still prioritize their children’s safety and wellbeing, and work their cannabis use into their days in a way that doesn’t impede on them. They work with cannabis professionals on what they’re hoping to gain from weed and what they can tolerate in order to find that sweet spot without sacrificing any part of their needs on a day-to-day basis. Safety with use is one thing, but safety with access and possession is also another area of cannabis use that you need to consider, especially if you have kids in the home. We suggest treating weed in your home as you do other medicines or alcohol – stored safely and securely in a locked medicine cabinet or cabinet that cannot be accessed. Pro tip: edibles can be packaged to look like candy and we know how much our kiddos love sugar. It’s SUPER important that your stash stays hidden and locked away so only you and trusted adults can get to it. 

Talking to Your Kids About Weed

The best way to start out is by educating yourself on all things cannabis so that you can truthfully and accurately answer the questions your kids will undoubtedly have. So let’s face it, having a potentially uncomfortable conversation with your kids about weed is a bit inevitable. It’s up to you and/or your partner to decide at what age you approach the subject and to make it easier on you, it’s just like talking to them about alcohol, cigarettes, vaping and more. You’ll tell them what it is, how it’s classified as a drug, and share your history and usage. However, it’s important not to glamorize weed, but honesty is key.

If you’re going to join the cannaparent community, it’s important to share this part of your life with your kids to give them the tools, resources and information they will need to grow up in a world that doesn’t see weed as some illicit substance. We promise you, they will encounter it on their own when they’re older and they will need to be equipped with knowledge and confidence to make those healthy decisions for themselves one day. As a parent and cannabis user, it’s up to you to set a good example and be a good cannabis role model for your kids. 

The public perception of weed sure has changed a lot since we were kids and teens and young adults, and we are so here for it. Whether you’re a full-on cannaparent or looking to dip your toe in the bong water, there’s been no better time than now to start reaping the reefer benefits. 


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