Behind The Scenes.

We get the raw, unfiltered stories behind some of our favorite parents across the nation. Laugh because you’ve been there too. Cry because sometimes we get real and sentimental. You know, all the things.

Ben Aaron

Media Personality

dad of 2

“There should be some kind of budget in the government that should pay stay-at-home parents $150-200,000 a year. It is a nonstop, thankless profession.”

Ashley Mills

Co-founder of obe Fitness

mom of 2

“At the end of the day it’ll all get done, it’s part of the process. Breathe.”

Erica Domesek

founder of p.s.- i made this...

mom of 1

“I think it’s okay to fall apart. Actually, I don’t think, I know. It’s not about comparing your struggle to another person’s, but knowing that your problems are valid and warrant attention.”

Melanie Whelan


mom of 2

“I always try to frame low moments as learning moments.”

Rebekah Borucki

Mindfulness Expert and Entrepreneur

mom of 5

“I would say wherever you are in motherhood—it’s okay, it’s normal, this has happened before, it will happen again. You’re not alone.”


founder and president of baked by melissa cupcakes

mom of 2

“I never let anything get to me. I never got angry because I didn’t want them to feel that. Who knew that mom really is almost always right?”

Mara Schiavocampo


mom of 2

“There’s a big difference between a mother and a woman who has had a baby. Technically they’re the same thing, but emotionally and spiritually they are very different.”

Nicole Beurkens

psychologist, nutritionist, business owner

Mom of 4

“I am a big proponent of moms and dads listening to their gut and their intuition when they feel like something’s not right.”

Brianne Manz

Creator of blog Stroller In The City, writer, and fashion expert

Mom of 3

“You feel things and you’re like, ‘Oh God, I don’t think I should share.’”

Rebecca Jarvis

The Chief Business, Economics, and Technology Correspondent for ABC News

Mom of 1

“You can read all the books, go to all the classes, watch as many videos on YouTube, but as a parent you’re bound to mess up—and that’s okay.”

Rajni Jacques

Fashion director At Allure

Mom of 2

“I still very much try to keep elements of who I was before becoming a parent.”

Anne Fulenwider

Editor in Chief of Marie Claire

Mom of 2

“I am kind of a Type A, competitive achiever, who really loves getting the A…and that doesn’t exist [in motherhood].”

Jenny Fleiss

Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, CEO of Jetblack

“When working women ask me about how to time having kids with their career, my response is ‘there will never be a good time.’”

Bobbi Brown

Makeup artist and serial entrepreneur, Evolution_18

Mom of 3

“When you have a baby, you don’t know what to do. They hand you this baby in the hospital and walk out of the room… no one tells you what to do.”

Mindy Grossman

CEO of WW International (formerly Weight Watchers)

Mom of 1, Grandma of 1

“There is no such thing as perfection, and there is no such thing as a perfect time. And not moving forward is actually a bigger risk.”

Tinamarie Clark

Model and Wellness Enthusiast

Mom of 2

“For women, it isn’t as noticed and it isn’t as celebrated. My husband can go and take our son to a swimming lesson and he is father of the year…and I’m like, he is just doing what I do every day, where’s my cheerleader!”

Robin Berzin

Founder and CEO of Parsley Health

Mom of 1

“I always felt like I would be the best mom to him doing what I love to do and following my passions. We expand our lives to include our child versus ending one thing and starting something new.”

Alexa Von Tobel

Best-selling author, financial guru, and entrepreneur

Mom of 3

“Mom guilt is real. I’m always asking myself, ‘Have I done enough? Are we doing enough?’”

Stephanie Barnhart

Blogger & Mom-advocate

Mom of 1

“It’s starts messy, it stays messy… it’s just different stages of mess, you know?

Monica Molenaar

Co-Founder of Seed & Mill

Mom of 2

“If you really were told all the details of birth you might not want to go through with it.”

Catherine Birndorf

CEO of The Motherhood Center Mom of 2

“You have to do a lot of  learning and that can be scary.” This idea of motherhood is so idealized.”