5 Tips for an Easier Back To School Transition 

Transition smoothly from summer to your school routine with these expert tips. From sleep schedules to mealtime strategies, get ready for the new term.

We look forward to it all year and it always seems to go by in a flash. Summertime is coming to a close and sadly it’s nearly time to trade those two months of pure fun for ten months of classrooms, carpool, early mornings, after school chaos and wall-to-wall schedules. But fear not, it doesn’t need to be as dreadful and challenging as you’re imagining. Not sure where to start? Read on for our top 5 tips for an easier back-to-school transition. 

1. Restart routines

We need time to adjust to a new schedule and so do our kiddos. We are transitioning from long and bright days to short and dark days, we know kids won’t just start going to bed because the clock says it’s time to. So, what better way to do this than getting a two week head start on making bedtime earlier, eating meals around the same time everyday, and dedicating time in the morning to get ready for the day without rushing? The key here is to start early and go slow. 

2. Add a touch of summer to the school year

What, like it’s easy? Actually, it can be! Brainstorm activities that your child likes doing during the summer and adjust them for the cooler months ahead. For example, if your kid loves sidewalk chalk, you can purchase affordable temporary peel & stick chalkboard wallpaper that they can doodle all over indoors. Adding a touch of summer throughout the year will help to remind them that school isn’t all that bad. 

3. Designate your child as the decision maker 

Well…not for everything. Let them choose their first day of school outfit, pick out their school supplies and help decide what meals they want to eat. Allowing them to have a say in their new routine will go a long way and help channel those back-to-school nerves into excitement.  

4. Set up a study area 

Even if your kiddo doesn’t have loads of homework, they will feel special having a small and quiet space designed just for them to keep their backpack, art, books and more. This dedicated space is another opportunity for them to help decorate and personalize, and will set them up for success between work and play

5. Check in with teachers and classmates

Setting up time to meet or chat with your kid’s teacher and classmates ahead of time is key. The teachers can provide all the details on what to expect for the year to help your child get ready for their classroom. Calling the classmate’s parents to set up playdates before school starts will create familiar faces and early relationships in the classroom for comfort from day one


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