From Babyblends to Plates: 5 Finger Foods for Your Baby

If your baby loved Little Spoon's Babyblends, they won't get enough of Plates! Here are the best finger foods for your babe based on their favorite blends!

Right when you think you’ve got this whole mealtime thing on lock…BOOM, toddlerhood hits. As a parent, finding a meal your kid will actually eat that you feel good about can seem like a huge feat. But when you find a meal your kid actually seems to LOVE, that’s when you know you’ve struck gold. If your little is approaching toddlerhood and you’re nervous about the transition to finger foods or the looming potential of picky eating, we’ve got your back. Little Spoon’s Plates menu has everything from picky eater faves to adventurous eats. If your kiddo loved these Babyblends, then trust us, they’ll go crazy for Plates. 

If your little loved the Butternut Squash Babyblend, they’ll also love…Mac and Three Cheese with Invisible Butternut Squash and Carrots

Our Mac and Three Cheese’s creamy cheese sauce is loaded with invisible butternut squash and carrots for added nutrients and flavor. So good they’ll clean their plate without even knowing they’re eating veggies. Talk about a win-win. 

If your little loved the Kale White Bean Pear Basil Quinoa Avocado Oil Babyblend, they’ll also love…Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with a Veggie Marinara Sauce

Time to trade up your babe’s fave Kale White Bean Blend for Spinach and Cheese Ravioli. They’ll love the familiar texture of the veggie marinara alongside the easily digestible, pillowy ravioli. Plus, sneaking in a few extra veggies never hurts.

If your little loved the Strawberry Basil Beet Pear Chia Babyblend, they’ll also love… Beet Superfood Sliders with Sweet Potato Carrot Tots and Peas

Your baby beet lover will go crazy for our Beet Superfood Sliders with Sweet Potato Carrot Tots and Peas. These easy-to-eat finger food sliders are as delicious as they are pretty. When they said eat the rainbow, we’re pretty sure this is what they meant.

If your little loved the Carrot Mango Banana Chia Babyblend, they’ll also love…Cauli Croquettes with Veggie Millet Poppers and Carrots

If Carrot Mango Banana Chia was your babe’s go-to blend, grab our savory Cauli Croquettes with Veggie Millet Poppers and Carrots. The familiar flavors and new crispy textures will play well with your mini’s palate. Plus, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back when your little finishes the entire plate of veggies. 

If your little loved the Broccoli Pineapple Banana Hemp Babyblend, they’ll also love…Broccoli Bites with Sweet Potato Carrot Tots and Green Beans

Couldn’t get enough of Broccoli Pineapple Banana Hemp? Our Broccoli Bites bring on your little’s favorite flavors with a side of Sweet Potato Carrot Tots and Green Beans for good measure. Two servings of greens? Sign us up. 

Photo credit: @feedingourtoddlers


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