How TF do I…deal with my baby’s gas + constipation?

Dealing with baby constipation and belly issues can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Here are our tips.

Also known as: colic, tummy troubles, fussiness, an unhappy baby…and parent.

Regularity: Super common and usually nothing to worry about. 

Our advice: 

  • Make sure you’re dealing with gas and not something else. Common signs of gas are: squirming + pulling legs to chest, grumpiness, trouble eating + sleeping, seems like baby is in pain when crying, and is fussy for 1+ hour a day.
  • Prevent gas by making adjustments when feeding—make sure their head is higher than their tummy when bottle feeding, burp during + after nursing/bottle feeding, 
  • Take a look at foods that might be causing gas + talk to your ped. 
  • Try Frida Baby’s gas-relieving tools like Windi the Gaspasser. Designed by a doctor, it’s a single-use tube that helps babies get rid of extra gas instantly and calms colic. Pro tip: have a diaper ready in case your lil’ one is also dealing with constipation—the Windi clears everything out! 
  • Add a baby massage + some light heat to your routine. We love Frida Baby’s Gassy Belly Rub—smooth it on your baby’s belly and try a gentle massage before bed. You can also try gentle heat and compression with the Gas + Colic Heating Pad. It heats up fast and gently soothes gassy tummies when compressed lightly on baby’s tummy.

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