6 Arts And Crafts You Can Do At Home

A few easy arts & crafts to keep your mini entertained and give them space to be creative during quarantine!

It seems we’ve found ourselves on this endless trip that is quarantine. It was all fun and games the first few days—now it feels like we resort to whatever works just to get a moment to breathe. 

If you’re running out of ways to cope with your new normal, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of a few easy arts and crafts that will keep your little one entertained and give them space to be creative!

Finger Painting 

Whether you have a few extra sheets of computer paper or a big paper tarp, your babe will surely go to town with their hands in paint. Place all of your kid-friendly paints in Tupperware containers and let your little one dig in!

Don’t want to deal with the mess or hassle of painting? Replace the paint with shaving cream and tell your mini to create their very own masterpiece.


Have any old magazines laying around? Cut out a few fun images and quotes and lay them out for your little one! Let your mini pick a few that they like and use an easy glue stick to create a fun collage!


Whether its a few old fashioned stamps you found in the depths of your desk drawers or a little DIY situation, stamps can be a really easy way to get your mini craftin’ with minimal mess. Check out this video for a short tutorial on how to make homemade sponge stamps. Once you have a few stamps locked and loaded, dust off that ink pad and let your mini go to town on looseleaf paper

Kid-Friendly Slime

This easy tutorial shows you how to make the perfect, five-ingredient slime with your babe. Kids seem to be pretty enamored with this stuff so watch out, you’re about to get some major brownie points with your little one.

Set up the Ultimate Battlefield

Who doesn’t love a craftivity? Separate your fam into two teams (blue vs. pink, boys vs. girls, parents vs. kids) and get your game faces on. To prepare your amo, crumple up a few pieces of paper, wrap them around each other to create a sphere, and tape them to hold. Make your rules (first to run out of amo wins, last one standing wins, etc) and let the games begin!

Cookie Decorating

Bake some cookies (sugar, chocolate chip, whatever you have on hand) for your babes and get ready to open your very own bakery! Once the cookies have cooled, grab your sprinkles, chocolate chips, icing, and whatever edible decorations you have, and let your little decorate their very own cookie masterpiece!

Arts and crafts time can get messy, but don’t worry. We’ve got clean up time covered with the creative ways to make tidying up fun for your mini.


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