30 Activities To Do With Your Kids At Home

Our Little Spoon mom crew gets creative with fun ways to keep your kids entertained at home.

With many of us facing changes to our family’s normal daytime routines, we’re spending a lot more time at home than we ever expected. We tapped our Little Spoon mom crew to get creative with fun ways to keep your kids entertained at home.

  • Have some fun in the kitchen with easy, kid-friendly recipes like no-bake cereal bars, dessert quesadillas, or homemade pizza.
  • And then have a living room picnic!
  • Make your own coloring book. Print your own designs and let your little artist get inspired. If your kids are a bit older, try Mandala color pages—they’re more complicated and will keep them occupied longer!
  • Raid the cabinets for a science experiment. Remember the baking soda volcano?
  • Hold your own LEGO Masters competition (this is another one that’s best for older kids).
  • Dance! YouTube videos like KidzBop dance-along or Cosmic Kids Yoga to help get the wiggles out.
  • Play a game of good, old-fashioned freeze dance!
  • Have an alphabet or color hunt—hide cards with letters or colors around the house to find.
  • Play “The Floor is Lava” with pillows scattered as “safe stones”.”
  • Simon Says (Simon says ‘mom lie down’).
  • Organize toys to create different play stations like at school. You can make a block station, art station, music station, puzzle station—it will make your child’s toys feel new.
  • Do an at-home workout—your mini will want to join…just like every time you try to use the bathroom alone.
  • Make homemade playdough.
  • Play “Finish the drawing”—let your mini draw their own scribble on a sheet of paper and use your crayon to turn it into something and have them guess what it is.
  • Listen to a Story Podcast. We love What If World, Story Spectacular, Story Time, Little Stories for Tiny People, and Be Calm on Ahway Island, to name a few.
  • Play animal charades.
  • Use painter’s tape to make an indoor hopscotch.
  • Do a backyard scavenger hunt—make a list of things you can find in your backyard and do a scavenger hunt to find them all.
  • Have a balance competition and see who can stand on one foot the longest.
  • Put soapy water in a bin and make your own “car wash” sensory bin—bonus clean hands!
  • Camp in your living room with child-sized tents, flashlights, and stove top s’mores.
  • Throw a disco bath time! Put a handful of glow sticks and bubbles in the bath and turn the lights down.
  • Make a matching game out of all the unmatched socks—put them in a pile and have your kids pair them.
  • Try scavenger hunt bingo. Place letter and number cards on various items around the house. Make a card for each child, and write a small clue on each number you pull (“B5, I’m really good with milk at breakfast” for a box of cereal.).
  • Make forts with sheets and blankets.
  • Have a spa day with manis, pedis, and kid-friendly face masks.
  • For older kids, download a movie-making app on your phone or computer and give them ideas for stop-motion films with dolls and toys. Or let them film a “documentary” about a day in their life.
  • Reuse your Little Spoon containers and shipping materials for some recycled fun!
  • Write letters to your friends and family to send out as fun surprises for loved ones.
  • Take a free, virtual tour of some of the world’s most popular museums like the Uffizi in Florence or the Guggenheim in NYC!

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