10 Fast, Foolproof Halloween Costumes

We’ve got 10 costume ideas that your mini would rock on Halloween. 

Wait, we’re basically done with October? Since when? 
Halloween is sneaking up on us and we’ve noticed costume duty tends to fall on Mom…sound familiar? Well, if you need a little inspo or you’re just getting down to the wire, we’ve got 10 costume ideas that your mini would rock on Halloween.


Stuck in the Frozen phase? It’s cool, no shame in being Elsa…again. (I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz 4 years in a row, it happens).

2. RBG

Forget Marvel movies—Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the only superhero we need this Halloween. Throw together a costume with a black shirt, some fake frames, a little white hairspray & costume pearls. You can even Amazon Prime a mini gavel for your little RBG!

3. Classic Crayon

An oldie but a goodie… let your mini choose their favorite color, pick a matching set of shorts and a shirt, and you’re good to go!!

4. Cowboy (or Girl)

Slap on a cowboy hat and some boots and let your babe “gallop” from house to house.

5. Chef

What’s more endearing than a toddler in an apron and chef’s hat? Easy to fashion with a pair of scissors, some construction paper, and an old sheet.

6. Olympian

All you need is a tracksuit and some sneakers—maybe even a gold medal (whip out the sparkly glue you hid from your overzealous mini a few months back) if you’re the overachieving type.

7. Boss Babe

Make sure your mini knows that they can be anything! Put your little cutie in a blazer and they’re instantly a baby boss.

8. Baby Shark

Probably front and center in any costume store you’ll enter. A true crowd-pleaser. Seriously: Every. Time. No time to buy? A gray jumpsuit paired with a headband affixed with a gray painted cardboard fin (plus a little singing as you walk to every door) and you’re golden.

9. Simba and Nala

With the debut of the new Lion King movie this summer, this duo is more relevant (and adorable) than ever. It’s the Circle of Life after all!

10. Emoji

Is your babe full of feels? Perfect! Grab a few pieces of yellow, red and black felt and glue some adorable emoji faces onto a basic t-shirt.

Need some more inspo? Head to @littlespoon to see what other Little Spooners are dressing up as this Halloween.


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