When Your Mini Can’t Poop: Tips to Alleviate Constipation

Dealing with a blocked-up baby? We’ve been there.

Dealing with a blocked-up baby? We’ve been there. When constipation strikes, our all-natural remedy, Poopie Power may be the answer to get things moving, but we’ve got a few other hot tips to help regulate the situation, so to speak.

We sat down with our Mama Mentors to get their take on the best ways to help get your #1 one to make their #2, on the reg.



  • Cereals – These can be helpful when your baby has diarrhea but when your mini is backed up it will just make the problem worse. Avoid rice and oatmeal until things start moving again.
  • Bananas – Bananas, like cereals, can be binding so focus on fiber rich foods and keep the bananas on hold until things get moving again.
  • Dairy – Dairy can often be a constipation culprit. If you are breastfeeding cutting dairy temporarily can help resolve things (sorry mom!)
  • Laxatives, enemas or mineral oil should be avoided in infants. Their little bodies just aren’t ready for those types of treatments yet so best to stick with natural remedies.
  • Panicking – Constipation is normal especially when starting solids or after a change in diet. If these techniques don’t work and you notice your baby hasn’t pooped in 5 days no need to freak out, just call your pediatrician for a chat on what to do next to give your mini some relief.

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