5 Ways To Make Toddler Mealtime Fun With Little Spoon

We know your toddler can be less than enthusiastic at mealtime so we tapped our community for their favorite ways to create some fun.

We all know that our kiddos can be…less than enthusiastic at mealtime and considering a good meal is usually the highlight of our day, this can feel rather unrelatable. As parents, we already have 4 million (billion?) things to worry about, and making it through mealtime unscathed does not need to top that list. That’s why, at Little Spoon, we’ve made it our mission to make your life easier, starting with mealtime. We rounded up some of our community’s favorite ways to make mealtime fun for you and your kiddo using Little Spoon Plates.

Play animal charades (just trust on this one).

At Little Spoon, we made a point to make our packaging as enticing as possible for your kiddo. That’s why you’ll find that each meal has its own animal graphic. A lot of the parents in our community have shared that their littles identify the meals by these animals and that association actually becomes a secret weapon in motivating them to try new foods. So, as you unpack your shipment, let your little one pick which animal they like best. Once they pick their fave, you can pick yours and start a game of animal charades where you each act out your animal of choice…What better way to get your babe excited about mealtime than playing pretend?! Plus, they might want to be a bunny the next day and end up finding a new food favorite in our Chicken Pot Stickers. 

Use the animal packaging to make a collage. 

If you’re more into crafts than games, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, too. First, let your little know that there’s an exciting craft that you guys can do together after they finish their meal. Then, once they’ve eaten enough, you can start cutting out the animal characters and pasting them together on a piece of construction paper, cardboard, or poster board if you’re really goin gfor it. You can even bring out markers, felt, or other magazines to get their creative juices flowing. 

Let them pick their meal in advance. 

Let’s be real, childhood is all about finding your independence (or trying to, at least) and a lot of kids end up turning to mealtime on this pursuit by refusing to eat the foods you want them to. However, try flipping this behavior on it’s head and let your mini pick out their meal in advance—they may love having that sense of control and get excited for their chosen experience! It’s amazing how this shift in power helps them open up to new things!  Pro tip: go for the Mac and Three Cheese—it has hidden organic butternut squash and carrots in the sauce. 

Get them involved in the cooking process.

We know this one is simple, but letting your babe press the buttons on the microwave to heat up their meal not only gets them involved in the process but is a great way to practice their numbers! Plus, you’d be surprised how much of a confidence boost they’ll get from helping you prep their meal. 

Add one of their favorite foods. 

As we all know by now, it can be hard to introduce new foods and flavors to our minis. That’s why it’s always a good idea to add a ‘safety food’ that you know your little likes to any meal they’re eating if it’s not already on their Plate. Whether that’s a bit of cheese on top or a small serving of pasta, adding their favorite food helps them look forward to mealtime.


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