6 Greens to Eat This Spring

We've finally come out the other side of the cold winter months. Here are 6 seasonal spring vegetables to introduce to your mini.

Spring is (finally) around the corner and that means budding trees, longer days and new seasonal produce to introduce to your mini. If you’re wondering exactly which greens to incorporate into your springtime meal prep, we’ve got you covered.


A mainstay in our year-long lineup, this homebase of a green is at its freshest in the spring. Because of its more neutral flavor and high iron content, spinach is an easy win when it comes to your mini’s mealtime. Throw it in a smoothie, pasta, pancake batter or simply serve Little Spoon’s fan-fave Spinach Mango Banana Hemp to your baby or best-selling Spinach and Cheese Ravioli to your big kid.  


A good source of calcium, potassium + vitamins A, K and C, kale is the superfood of all superfoods. If you’re wondering how exactly to introduce your mini to this bitter green, we recommend one of Little Spoon’s many kale-packed baby + kid’s meals. Our faves? The Kale and Squash Harvest Bowl Babyblend and the Kale Turkey Meatballs or Three Cheese Tortellini Plate.

Dandelion Greens 

We’ll say it, people *sleep* on dandelion greens. Chock full of vitamin E, calcium + iron, these greens taste bright and fresh in early spring. Plus, they’re the perfect addition to any salad, smoothie or bowl for the whole fam.


Full of fiber + antioxidants, green peas are an awesome springtime green to introduce to your little one. These little veggies are mashable and easy-to-eat, making them approachable for early eaters. Try them in Little Spoon’s Green Dream Smoothie or Cauliflower Cavatappi with hidden veggie sauce + peas.


This herb is a great source of vitamins, minerals + antioxidants. Not to mention, introducing your mini to herbs like basil helps expand their nutritional palate. We recommend starting with Little Spoon’s Tuscan Quinoa and White Bean Soup.


This go-to veggie helps combat inflammation and support immunity. Another year-long staple that is at its best in the spring, you can find broccoli in Little Spoon’s Broccoli Bites Plate. 


OK maybe calling this one a green is *a bit* of a stretch, but it’s one of our all-time favorite spring ingredients so we thought we’d include it anyway. Known for its anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory health benefits that give it its signature red color, this unique-tasting veggie is sure to broaden your babe’s palate. Try it in Little Spoon’s Limited-Edition Strawberry Rhubarb Babyblend.


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