My Week on Little Spoon Plates

Let Little Spoon do the heavy lifting in the kitchen with their toddler & kid's meals. Here's a sample kid's meal planner with Plates.

Ah, parenting. The never-ending rollercoaster of tradeoffs. Shower or sleep? Eat or…sleep? Workout or…yep, sleep. While we’re all for skipping that AM run class for a few extra minutes of rest, there’s one place we don’t believe in tradeoffs, and that’s in the kitchen. Say goodbye to the days when easy for you meant bad for your kiddo (think: preservative-filled meals or a quick-fix from the drive-thru). Little Spoon’s new line of toddler & kid’s meals is your secret, time-saving weapon—fresh, nutritionally-balanced, veggie-packed meals your little one will love and on the table in minutes. 

Thinking about diving into the (veggie-packed) world of Plates? Here’s a sample menu of a week of meals with Little Spoon Plates:


Breakfast Scramble

Start your kiddo’s morning with Little Spoon’s Three Cheese Egg Bites with Sweet Potato Hash. It’s literally everything you could possibly want from a savory breakfast on one plate. 

Turkey Rice Balls

Remember how mom always told you breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Yup. Its the best, too, thanks to these Turkey Rice Balls with Sweet Potato Mash. Bite-sized rice balls are stuffed with antibiotic-free turkey, cage-free eggs, and cheddar cheese. 


Broccoli Bites

A great option for those new to the finger food arena, Little Spoon’s Broccoli Bites are packed with roasted broccoli and served with a side of their fan-favorite sweet potato poppers. No fork required for this veggie-packed lunch. 

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli

This is not your average pasta. This mini ravioli is stuffed with fresh baby spinach and creamy ricotta cheese. The best part? Little Spoon tops their Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with their signature hidden veggie tomato sauce, to sneak in even more veg for your little.

Chicken Pot Stickers

Have a picky eater on your hands. Chicken Pot Stickers are your new BFF. These kid-friendly pot stickers are stuffed with antibiotic-free chicken and veggies and perfect for dipping in Little Spoon’s Soy Glaze.


Cheesy Black Bean Pupusas

We have a confession. We might be known to order a few extra Cheesy Black Bean Pupusas for ourselves. They’re that good. These mini corn masa are stuffed with black beans and cheese and served along veggie Spanish rice.

Penne and Turkey Meatballs

This best-seller is always in our Plates order. Whole wheat penne is tossed in Little Spoon’s signature hidden veggie tomato sauce and paired with antibiotic-free mini turkey kale meatballs plus a side of broccoli.

Chicken Super Nuggets 

Say hello to your new favorite chicken nugget. The cult-favorite Chicken Super Nuggets are packed with hidden kale, carrot, and cauliflower for a veggie kick. Paired with sweet potato carrot poppers and steamed broccoli.

Mac and Three Cheese

Can’t forget about this kid-favorite. Little Spoon takes mac and cheese to the next level by hiding organic butternut squash and carrots in their cheese sauce for a secret kick of nutrition. Dig in.

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