5 Reasons to Buy Fresh Baby Food

Starting solids with your mini can be a daunting process, especially when your choices are limited. So, why should you go fresh? Let’s dive in.

Starting solids with your mini can be a really daunting process, especially when your choices are limited to spending hours in the kitchen making homemade baby food or feeding your little the heavily processed grocery store options that are often OLDER than your actual baby. 

As parents, our biggest priority is to make sure that our babes are eating the best quality food, without breaking the bank. That’s why Little Spoon created all-natural, organic Babyblends made from only the freshest ingredients. 

Little Spoon Babyblends provide your little with the nutrients that they need, every step of the way at under $3 a meal. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to buy fresh baby food for your little one: 

Free of heavy heat processing and preservatives.

Did you know that most of the baby food on the shelf at your local grocery store is actually older than your baby? Yep, you read that right! In order to sustain their sought after shelf-life, these foods undergo extreme heat processing that kills off vital nutrition. At Little Spoon, we do things differently, using a technique called high-pressure processing (HPP). HPP is a proven food technology used for a wide range of products like cold pressed juice and hummus and keeps the food nutrient-dense and fresh. Studies have also indicated that certain foods processed via HPP may actually contain more nutrients than fresh food alone, as HPP has been shown to make certain nutrients in fresh food more easily absorbed by the body. 

Made in small batches, just like homemade. 

Little Spoon aims to mimic the way we make food at home. All of our food is made in small batches using fresh ingredients and never treated with extreme heat. Toxins can commonly make their way into store-bought food as a result of lengthy processing,  commercial sterilization with old, heavy machinery that’s coated with brass, bronze or plastic, and through the cleaning agents used by some commercial production facilities. At Little Spoon, we never use old machinery and ensure the use of safe cleaning products in our facilities.

Clean, preservative-free ingredients. 

Oftentimes, grocery store prepared meals and snacks can have preservatives, added sugars, fillers and other things you can’t pronounce. At Little Spoon, we have a pretty long no-nos list. We have a zero-tolerance policy for preservatives, additives, concentrates, fillers and anything you can’t pronounce. Clean and fresh food is all our kiddos need at mealtime! 

Ideal for your babe’s development.

As your baby grows, their physical and cognitive development is supported by the nutrients they consume. Whether your baby is just starting solids or you have a seasoned eater, Little Spoon’s Babyblends are designed to support each stage of their development, to help support everything from brain function to their little developing digestive system.

Builds a diverse palate.

A varied diet is critical for nutrition, and can help set your baby up for a lifetime of health and wellness. With 100+ organic ingredients used in Little Spoon’s rotating seasonal Babyblends, your babe will experience a wide array of fresh fruits, veggies, and superfoods in blends like Pitaya Pineapple Spinach Banana Coconut Oil, Avocado Green Apple Broccoli Spirulina, and Carrot Mango Coconut Milk Turmeric. Bonus points? A varied diet helps prevent picky eating habits in the future, so be sure to maximize your little’s exposure to varying tastes and textures

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