How TF do I…manage multiple allergies for one child?

Most children experience at least one allergy when growing up, but some have multiple at once. This can be difficult to manage so we tapped Ali Bandier for some tips.

Also known as: nutrition therapy and becoming best friends with your pediatrician

Our advice: 

  • Talk to your child about their allergies so they understand why they can or cannot eat certain foods.
  • Always read food labels in detail and suggest your child always ask an adult for help. 
  • Involve the school – communicate with teachers and administrators so that they can create a safe learning environment free of allergens for your child.
  • Pre-plan playdates – connect with other parents before a playdate so that they know what foods are safe to offer your child.
  • Try to offer exposure to a variety of non-allergenic foods as often as possible. The more foods that are included in the diet, the less noticeable the “off-limits” foods will be.
  • Managing multiple allergies is hard – give yourself compassion for doing the best you can under the circumstances!

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