5 Healthy Foods To Introduce To Your Baby

Nutrition is crucial during these years—it aids development and sets our minis up for a lifetime of health.

There are countless milestones that go into your baby’s first years of life, but our absolute favorite is starting solids. What could be better than finally introducing your little one to the great big world of FOOD! Nutrition is crucial during these years—it aids development and sets our minis up for a lifetime of health. 

In fact, exposing your baby to fresh, nutritious food from an early age can set them up for optimal health and even help decrease the likelihood of developing certain diseases like obesity. Plus, who wants to feed their most prized possession food that’s older than them? Not us. That’s where Little Spoon comes in. You could spend your free time peeling, coring, cooking, and pureeing apples, zucchini, and squash. Or, you can kick back knowing that with Little Spoon’s 100% organic Babyblends, your little is getting the most nutritious food possible.

Ready to take the leap into solids? Read on for best first foods for your baby. 


Banana, it’s basically the holy grail of baby food. Many parents start their mini’s on solids at four to six months with simple, smooth purees and bananas do the trick—no cooking or blending required! This potassium-packed fruit helps control your little one’s water balance and maintain healthy blood pressure. Bananas are also high in fiber, calcium, zinc, and vitamin A and easy on your babe’s digestive system.


Babies are actually born with a general preference for fruits, so anything that can be pureed into a smooth blend, like apples, are one of the best first foods for your baby. Apples are high in vitamins C (hello, immune support) and fiber which helps maintain bowel regularity. If you’re not into spending your weekends in the kitchen (we feel you!), Little Spoon has you covered with single-ingredient blends, ideal for starting solids.


Start those veggies early! Research actually shows that incorporating a variety of veggies into your mini’s diet early on can lead to healthier habits during adulthood, so zucchini are one of the best first foods for your baby. This squash is brimming with vitamins C and A which promote eye health and immunity. Don’t worry, Little Spoon’s serving up your babe’s veggies too with blends like Zucchini and Broccoli Spinach for those earlier eaters and Kale White Bean Pear Basil Quinoa Avocado Oil for more developed palates. 

Sweet Potato

Another perfectly mushy food for babe! Sweet potatoes are full of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. While sweet potato is easy enough to cook and mash yourself, it’s also a great veg to mix with other flavors as your mini’s tastes begin to expand. We’re a huge fan of Little Spoon’s Sweet Potato Carrot—it’s full of beta-carotene which helps aid eyesight and promote a strong immune system. Can someone say super food?


The not-so-fun part of starting solids is that your little might get a little backed up with the introduction of all these new foods to their digestive system. That’s where prunes come in. While prunes are high in vitamin K and help with brain and eye development, this fiber-rich fruit can help ease constipation for your little eater. Try integrating Little Spoon’s Prune blend into your babe’s diet to keep things moving as they explore the new world of solids. 

Ready to dig into the best first foods for your baby? With Little Spoon’s rotating menu of 100% organic Babyblends specifically crafted with your mini’s nutritional and developmental needs in mind as they age, you’ll never have to worry about mealtime again. Get started today.


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