5 Early Finger Foods for Babies

There are a lot of stages to move through when it comes to feeding. Luckily, we rounded up the best baby first finger foods to introduce.

We know feeding your baby isn’t easy—who knew something we do multiple times a day would be so complex (and sometimes stressful) to teach a little human! Whether you’re going the baby-led weaning route or transitioning your little from purees to early table food, this list will help you navigate your little one’s first finger foods.

Sweet Potato

A favorite first food of ours for babe’s of every age. You may have dipped your toe into solids with pureed sweet potato, so introducing soft, mashable diced sweet potato is a great way to explore finger foods.


Roasted zucchini is another great veg option to start your little one on. It can easily be cut into age-appropriate pieces, has a mild taste and can help your babe get used to seeing some green on their plate. 


We love a good plant-based protein! Beans get brownie points for already being perfectly sized for early eaters. Try serving your little one pinchable white beans—you can even lightly mash them to meet your babe’s eating skills.

Ground Meat

We get a ton of questions about when and how to introduce your little one to animal protein. As long as it’s served in an age-appropriate manner, there’s no reason to wait on starting your babe on meat. For early finger food eaters, ground chicken or turkey is an easy option—we like to opt for antibiotic and hormone-free proteins, just make sure they’re cooked through and cut into small pieces.


Another pantry staple that makes an ideal first finger food for your kiddo. While we love an al dente pasta, for early eaters, make sure your noodles are nice and soft. We recommend shapes like mini shells or penne, and you can even up the nutritional value by opting for a protein-based pasta like red lentil or chickpea. 

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