Alexa Leigh

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. I am the mother of two boys, Cy and Dean, the founder and designer of Alexa Leigh Jewelry, and founder of the consulting company Jack Works Consulting. My most recent jewelry collection, a departure from the fine jewelry I previously did, is comprised of gold balls which was inspired by all of the balls I am currently juggling. 🙂

What 3 words best describe your parenting experience to date?

Whirlwind, transformational, fun

What’s one of the hardest or most surprising things about being a parent that people wouldn’t expect or don’t usually talk about?

I think becoming a parent really changes you in a way that no one can prepare you for and that surprised me. I am sure the core of me is still the same but what I think about on a daily basis, what consumes my mind and soul is totally different than before children. Its hard to be something/someone for the majority of your life and then adjust overnight to being in a new role.

What were some of your “ this normal??” moments once you became a parent?

I have sooooo many “wait.. is this normal” moments. I feel like I have them on a weekly basis! How big my boobs got when they were engorged before my milk came in was probably my most memorable though. Somehow with both babies it took me by surprise. I sent several mom friends pictures of my boobs at that point asking that very question… “wait… is this normal???”

What’s one of your favorite parenting hacks that helps keep you sane (that other parents should know about and start doing ASAP)?

Have a glass of wine at bed/bath time. It makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone!