Katya Libin

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a proud mama to a fierce little lady named Lili, who helped inspire and catapult my purpose.  Today as the Co-Founder & CEO of HeyMama, I am on a mission to make mamas more successful, and surround them with the tribe, support and tools to propel their personal and professional growth. I’m also the first one to get Cheez-Its at the airport, watch Game of Thrones and tear it up on the dance floor (it’s all about balance people, amiright?!).

What 3 words best describe your parenting experience to date?

Loving, patient and eye opening

What’s one of the hardest or most surprising things about being a parent that people wouldn’t expect or don’t usually talk about?

When your kids start to ask you questions you can’t answer, or need to be really careful how to answer.

What were some of your “ this normal??” moments once you became a parent?

Is it normal that my daughter always wants to touch, see, and obsess over my boobs?! Like really though?!

What’s one of your favorite parenting hacks that helps keep you sane (that other parents should know about and start doing ASAP)?

Mask time at bath time. Fun for the kids, refreshing for you. Ultimate mom hack!!!