Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and Dad

We pulled together a mega list of novel (mostly) holiday gift ideas for all your fav moms & dads.


Ah the holidays, a rollercoaster of glee, stress, excitement, and panic. This time of year, it’s all about getting together everyone you loveand getting everything you need to get done done, stat.

Big family, small family, extended family, extended extended family, the gift idea well can start to run dry, pretty quickly…especially when you’re shopping for your spouse or fellow parent, and not the kiddos.

We pulled together a mega list of novel (mostly) holiday gift ideas for all the moms & dads you’re looking to gift this holiday season. You’ll be certain to look thoughtful, fun, and clever with any of these gift ideas.

For the “Fitness Focused” Parent

Massage recovery for sore muscles

Our latest obsession = the hack. When you can’t get the Theragun, turn to Black and Decker. Yes, you read that right. Take a Black and Decker CAR BUFFER (yes, a car buffer) and buff those muscles. We swear it works wonders. A gift that doubles as both a muscle soother and a car buffer? We love a two for one special.

Gift cards to their favorite workout store

Don’t know what to get your fitness-fanatic friend? Turn to a gift card to maximize flexibility. Grab one online from brands like Lululemon, Nike, Rhone, Athleta or swing by your local sports store to pick one up.

Fitbit /Apple Watch

Have a family member who just needs to know their heartbeat at all times? Us too. For the ‘must hit my steps’ person on your holiday gift list, a performance tracker is definitely the way to go. Opt for a more affordable Fitbit, or go big with an Apple Watch. Bonus points for gifting a new parent a hands-free way of staying connected (and motivated) throughout the day while holding their mini.

Swell Water Bottle

Sick of your family members stealing your water bottle. Personalize one for your loved one with a unique size, pattern and message. The hidden message? Stop taking my water bottle ;).

Gym Bag (Diaper Bag Double)

Everyone is going crazy for Dagne Dover this year, and for good reason. These gym bags are super reliable and come in a wide range of colors & sizes that make it an easy dual gift for a set of parents. P.S they’re also great diaper bags :).

obé Fitness Subscription

We know how hard it can be for a new parent to actually make it to the gym once baby comes into the picture. Enter obé Fitness: live-streaming the best of NYC fitness instructors right into your living room. 28 minute workouts during your mini’s naptime? Sign us up.

Small portable workout mat

Amanda Kloots, new mom and fitness extraordinary, just created this super practical, oh-so-portable traveling workout mat. It literally fits in a backpack…and when it comes to a yoga mat, we’re team The Smaller, The Better.

For the “Self-Care Required” Parent

Deep sleep pillow spray

Have you ever tried a nice rose
lavender pillow spray? The question is, do you want to sleep like a baby? Let’s pretend this saying still makes sense to us new parents. For parents who need a little TLC, this is a quick and easy gift to give.


This is necessary. Go to a local spa and pick up a gift card for a full body massage. Maybe grab an extra gift card for yourself. Sometimes we all need a forced one hour of relaxation. You can even go for Zeel if you want to gift a fellow parent some EXTRA convenience and let them get a massage in their home.

Heated Neck Pillow

Plug in calm. Ahhhh. De-stress and sink into a warm and soothing heated neck pillow or heated back wrap. If your loved one is a new mama, this is an extra lifesaver.

A “Find My Zen” Puzzle

Are you Getting Jiggy with it yet? Self-care can mean stimulating your mind with something other than parenting stressors. Next Friday night, it may be time to get Jiggy with a friend (or solo)! Create a beautiful masterpiece and unwind with a puzzle worth framing.

Tea Set

The wonders a warm cup of tea can do for a stressed, over-tired parent are always under-estimated until that steamy mug of comfort is in your hands. For the loved one who needs a cozy cup of love, grab a great set of teas for them to explore and savor.

Gravity Blanket (New obsession, btw)

This is the new thing, and we are so here for it. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, do I really want a blanket that pins me down to my bed? The answer is yes. 100 times yes.

Face Masks

Mom, dad, grandma, Uncle Bob…they can all benefit from the luxury of a good face mask. Trust us, they don’t know how badly they’ve needed this until now. Check out Tula to find a range of affordably-priced masks that will no doubt relieve some of the stress of the season. Plus, Tula’s products are all CLEAN. And you all know how much we care about quality ingredients over here at Little Spoon.

PJ Set

Hello, cozy, silky, oh-so-soft pajamas…where have you been all my life? Get your favorite mama a PJ set made for the gods (and pick out a pair for yourself while you’re at it). We <3 ours from Eberjey.

For the “Time-Is-Precious” Parent

Delivery from one of your favorite restaurants in the city

Have the friend with no time for meal prep, but hungering for a 5-star meal? Look no further than Goldbelly for the perfect gift for your foodie friend. A gift card here unlocks hundreds of restaurants for your loved one to discover.

On-the-go diaper bag

For that mama who’s always on the go, get her a diaper bag that moves with her! The ToteSavvy is the perfect way to avoid yet another bag to manage for us perpetual bag ladies. It fits easily into any bag you’re toting that day, so your essentials go where you go.

A one-step hair dryer

This totally affordable Revlon blow dryer went viral on a recent mom group last month as the hack of the season, and for good reason. One hand, one step, salon quality blow outs are at your fingertips…literally. P.S. The whistleblower who broke the mom group internet with this amazing find was our very own Liz Gellene, mama and Little Spoon Care Team extraordinaire.

Amazon Alexa

For the busy parent who has a kid in one ear and a conference call of ten co-workers in the other, Alexa may be the move to help them maintain their sanity.

Portable Charger

We all have that friend who’s phone is always running on empty. No longer, thanks to the portable charger you just bought your fave mom/dad. You can find the best options within your price range here.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Not only is this amazing to watch when you just need to stare at a wall for a few minutes (we all do it, it’s coo), but it’s even better to know this no hands vacuum is actually doing what they do best. Help keep the house clean without adding another chore to your loved one’s to-do list.

Pet Feeder

When the pet is the center of attention, it’s time to level-up with some real-deal tech in the mix. Queue up this automatic dog feeder in your checkout and gift it to the friend who has an app for everything.

Gift a Task Rabbit

This isn’t the most conventional gift, but an option to phone out some heavy duty tasks to someone who knows what they’re actually doing can be a great go-to. Know a friend who hasn’t mounted their TV because “they’ll get to it eventually?” Can’t put together that really cool looking table set for your kid? There’s a TaskRabbit for that.


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