Andrew Kalish

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m the extremely proud dad of Dad to Julian (turning 4 in July) and Remi (14 months!), and husband to Stephanie Middleberg– one of the top dietitians in New York City and bestselling author (2x!!) of the Big Book of Organic Baby Food and the Big Book of Organic Toddler Food. I’m also a native Manhattanite, who escaped to Brooklyn and by day I’m the head of Strategic Partnerships at Once upon a time I did a lot of yoga and ran a lot, but Julian and Remi now have other plans…

What 3 words best describe your parenting experience to date?

Love. Commitment. All encompassing.

What’s one of the hardest or most surprising things about being a parent that people wouldn’t expect or don’t usually talk about?

It’s the knowledge that every action you take, everything you say, is being absorbed by your little one. Every moment of your time with them you are shaping them, teaching them…that’s a huge responsibility, but it’s the reality.

What were some of your “ this normal??” moments once you became a parent?

The amount of food they eat, my son and my daughter will typically eat more than me at any given meal, it’s mind boggling!

What’s one of your favorite parenting hacks that helps keep you sane (that other parents should know about and start doing ASAP)?

I think knowing that there is no such thing as a hack for parenting. What makes things easier is accepting that this your life now, once you do that a lot of the stress and fear just floats right away.